How I'm Making My Dreams Come True


1. Create Vision

KNOW what you want to do and why you’re doing it. Know where you want to do it, and whom you want to do it for.

If you don’t know: I spent months after college lying around because I wasn’t sure what to do. “I’m waiting on God to tell me.” –WRONG! That higher power will work in your life, but YOU have to take the first step. My first step was waking up like I had a job with purpose. I would go downtown to walk around. I would go to the library. I went to the university. I worked out. You never know whom you may meet, what idea you might find, or what connection you might make. You can’t keep doing the same thing, working the same job, and saying you don’t know. Do something different, try something new, and find new experiences. If you take one step, the universe will take three more leading you to the right opportunity.

2. Decide

This is crucial. For a year, I flip-flopped between modeling and journalism. We all know those people that have a “bill-paying” job, they sell make-up, they are in some network-marketing group, they sale real estate, and they do music, while they act and model on the side. And they still don’t have money! NO! Pick one or two things and work to be great at that. There is no way you can focus on all of those things at once AND be great at them. “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

3. Educate yourself

Do research. Figure out how to get there. Find mentors. I spend a lot of time learning my craft-- studying. I can tell you almost anything about Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Seacrest, Barbara Walters, Dick Clark, Diane Sawyer, Shaun Robinson, etc. These are people I idolize and plan to shape my career after. It helps to know how they got to greatness because ironically, they all had similar beginnings to where I am right now! READ, READ, READ!

4. Invest in yourself

“It takes money to make money.” We spend money on EVERYTHING else. Shoes, clothes, “going out,” vacations, phone bill, cable. I just spent nearly $2,000 attending the National Association of Black Journalists Conference in Boston. I took ham and cheese sandwiches to work, so I could save up. Do not be afraid to take a financial literacy class. Work that unpaid internship. Go to that conference to network. Spend money, invest in yourself, but spend wisely.

5. woooorrrrkkkk

It’s possible. It’s necessary. It’s yours. It will be hard. Work for it. And know that it’s done. Release it into the universe. Goals cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency. Between goals and achievement is discipline and consistency.

6. Feed your soul

Create an environment that overflows with abundance and envelop yourself in prosperity. Practicing Faith. Create Balance. Read. When I felt down because I received months of no response from hiring employers, I watched Joel Olsteen videos. I went to church. Surround yourself with great friends. Do yoga. Sing. This is what I do in my off-time now! Do whatever makes your heart smile. And do it unapologetically.

7. Express Gratitude

Thank the universe, that higher power, for the good that is on its way. By practicing gratitude, you emit energy into the universe that feeds your deepest desires. Saying “thank you” activates the universe. Expressing gratitude for something that hasn’t happened yet, creates energy filled with expectancy. Expect greatness in your future and know that it’s on the way.

8. serve

You matter. You make a difference. You’ll learn more than you think. Promotes personal growth. It’s your responsibility. Someone gave something to you. You will help someone else. Make connections. Develop skills. It’s your duty. Responsibility is good. Gifts should be shared.

“MOVE! Don’t you want to go forward? And don’t say, “well, it takes time.” It doesn’t take any time. When you decide that you are tired of being in bondage, you will step into the water and walk across on dry land.”

-My spiritual mother, Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon

Elena Scheiner