How to Feel Beautiful Every Single Day


Well, most days. No one feels beautiful 100% of the time. So, stop putting that pressure on yourself. But hopefully a couple of these tips get you a little closer to every day.

Say it!

Even if you don’t believe it, say it. And keep saying it. One day you will believe it. Because the fact of the matter is, you are.

Dress How You Feel

Forget dress to impress! Look nice because YOU want to! Some mascara, lipstick, and pumps go a long way—and they may add a little extra pep in your step. And NEVER sleep on the psychological benefits of perfume. That always makes me feel a little extra special. Look how you feel.

Do something for yourself

Listen to some music, everyday. There’s a reason why music is a part of every culture on this earth. It’s good for the soul! Do something that makes your heart smile. Take time for that coffee and tea. Head to the gym, or stretch at home. Make yourself dinner. Whatever you do, know that you are worth that time.

Do something for others

Part of feeling great, is making others feel good, too.

Grab your lipstick, give a compliment, and treat yourself well. The world deserves all of your best you, and you do too!

Elena Scheiner